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#Alongthewallin80days - Day 5

Samantha's picture
Sun, 18/05/2014 - 10:30 -- Samantha

#Alonghthewallin80days - Day 5

Although this blog is based around the 80 milecastles along Hadrian's Wall, not all 80 milecastles have been directly found. Many have no visible remains above ground and the sites have been excavated in order to find some evidence of the the Roman structure. The where abouts of other sites have been calculated within reference to the position of other Roman structures near by. Milecastle 75, known as Easton (Grid Reference NY28125975), is one of these sites. There are no visible remains and the site is yet to be escavated. The milecastle and its turrets are belived to lie near the road leading from Burgh by Sands to Drumburgh. The site falls within Burgh Marsh where there are no known remains of Hadrian's Wall at all. 

Here at Pocket Tours we are always keen to learn new things so if you think you know anything about any of the Milecatsles or Roman remains we write about, visit our Contact Page and send us an email, we may include it in our next blog or on our Facebook and Twitter page!

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