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#Alongthewallin80days - Day 36

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Wed, 18/06/2014 - 18:36 -- Samantha



The next milecastle along the wall is milecastle 48! Found just outside of Gilsland in Cumbria, the remains of Poltross Burn, milecastle 48, are some of the best preserved along the wall and the monument is now in the care of English Heritage. A visit to milecastle 48 will show you amazingly intact buildings that are visible within the milecastle, probably barracks, one either side of the north-south road running through the gateways.  There are remains of a substantial part of the flight of stairs giving access to the ramparts of Hadrian's Wall in the north-east corner. 

Milecastle 48 has been excavated several times and these excavations uncovered a range of features including the gateways of the milecastle, the lower courses of the flight of steps and even an oven was found in the north west angle. Flanking the central space of the milecastle stood long barrack blocks, which are believed to have had more than one phase of construction.

The locals call milecastle the 'Kings Stables', In the past local people would 'mine' the milecastle for building stone and may have recognised the layout as similar to stable-blocks. 

Poltross Burn lies 1521m west of Milecastle 47 and 1458m east of Milecastle 49. It has 2 associated turrets, turret 48A  (grid reference NY6296266297) and 48B (grid reference NY62526650) both have substantial surviving remains that are also worth a visit! 



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