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#Alongthewallin80days - Day 32 & 33

Samantha's picture
Sun, 15/06/2014 - 18:29 -- Samantha

Milecastles 54 and 53 are both not visible above ground however small sections of Hadrian's Wall can be seen from both. 

Milecastle 53 is situated on a west-facing hill-slope northwest of the village of Lanercost. The sections of wall that can be viewed here stands as a length of mortared wall core about 1.7 metres high. When milcastle 54 was excavated in 1934, It measured internally 19.3 metres east to west by 23.3 metres north to south. It contained a west barrack comprising two rooms, one of which had stone benches, a hearth and a millstone.

Milecastle 53 is situated west of the hamlet of Banks, Cumbria and northeast of Lanercost Priory. It lies 1520 metres west of Milecastle 52 and 1436 metres east of Milecastle 54. There is a tall section of Hadrian's Wall at Hare Hill (standing to a height of about 2.7 metres) just 80 metres west of Milecastle 53. 

Milecastle 53 was excavated in 1932. It measured 21.9 metres east to west by 23.3 metres north to south. The excavation found that most of the milecastle had been robbed of masonry and the original floor had been removed so that no internal buildings remained.

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