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#Alongthewallin80days -Day 25

Samantha's picture
Sat, 07/06/2014 - 16:54 -- Samantha

Yesterday we found out why the Romans built Hadrian's Wall and how at the time it was an engineering high, however, Hadrian's Wall was one of many amazing things the Romans built here in Britain. 

When the Romans first came to Britain, there were few towns, most people lived in rural areas and lived of the land, others lived in great cities. The Romans built towns and linked them with great roads that previously were a rare sight. These roads brought communities together and with though brought entertainment...The romans built theatres where people could see plays, mime, dancing and concerts. It brought together the rich and the poor as the shows were usually paid for by the wealthy in order to gain popularity from 'ordinary' people. 

The rich and the poor would also mingle in the public bath houses. Most Roman cities had at least one, if not many, which were centres not only for bathing, but socialising. Roman bath-houses were also provided for private villas, town houses, and forts. They were supplied with water from an adjacent river or stream, or more normally, by an aqueduct. The water would be heated by a log fire before being channelled into the hot bathing rooms.

As well as the towns, roads, entertainment and bath-houses the romans also introduced education and medicine to Britain. Along with sanitation and irrigation. As a whole, many of the things we now take for granted were introduced to Britain by the Romans.... 




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