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Pocket Tours, iPhone guides and tours

About Us

Pocket Tours was established in 2010, the company is lead by North East Entrepreneur, Mark Jackson who has been an active member of the Territorial Army for over 28 years. Mark is currently leading a North Eastern operation supporting organisations involved in innovation or requiring business development support. The company was created to exploit a background in high tech business growth. An internationally recognised proven track record offers clients expertise, which has being transferred to numerous different organisational situations. Pocket Tours is one example of an Innovative way of using technology to make life better.

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The main aim of Pocket Tours is to be as informative as possible Features of the app include not needing an Internet connection or 3G, the app is designed for offline use so you don’t need to pay for high overseas data charges. Once downloaded the app will never need to use the Internet again. The app provides the user with a ‘in the pocket expert’. They bring to life what is happening, or was happening, at that stand and gives users invaluable information. There is an image gallery bursting with amazing images from the past and present along with audio and videos to support everything that's going on in the map. When in the map there are several layers all packed with information on each stand, local attractions and much much more. when in the map the app also uses augmented reality; Turn the phone on its side and look at the screen to find out how far away you are from any other point on the map and use the built in compass to get there!

Mark said, “Imagine walking over the ground that shaped history and having an expert explain the events as they unfolded. The GPS feature guides users from point to point, utilising the knowledge of local historians to go to the best vantage points – making a tour of the battlefields accessible to anyone, anywhere at any time. Once downloaded, users don’t need Internet access to use the app. They can just plug in their headphones and immerse themselves in the history. If you can’t get to the battlefield that’s fine – the app is still a fantastic story in its own right.”


Pocket Tours is one of many businesses under the umbrella of MJ Associates. To find out more visit


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